Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chris Being Baptized!

Chris has made many life changes this year. In addition to accepting Jesus as his Savior and following Him in believer's baptism, Chris has made many more productive changes in his life. Please pray for Chris as he continues to grow in Christ and allows Him to eliminate sin from his life. Chris is one of several new men God has sent us that have great potential for the ministry in the future. We are praying for you, Chris!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Podcasting is Working Again!!

After working out a few bugs the podcasts are now making their way back online. Over then next few days you should see several new sermons posted and then regulare updates as they become available. Even during our hiatus our podcast remained some of the highest rated on the podbean (#3 most listen to under the Baptist tag!), and now that we are back uploading we hope to be #1 very soon. To God goes the glory as he allows us the opportunity to send His word around the world!

You can hear all of the podcasts by clicking HERE or by going to http://crossroadschurch.podbean.com/ . Please leave me some feed back and subscribe so you will be notified when new sermons are uploaded and you can listen online. Thanks, Pastor Jay

Friday, November 7, 2008


Don't miss the Cookie Walk Saturday starting at 8am and going until all of the cookies are gone. Come early for the best selections. There will also be crafts for sale and coffee for all of you early birds out there. The ladies are using the funds from this event to offset the cost of the church float being constructed for the ST. Cloud Christmas parade. See you there!