Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What to do...What to do...

The last Sunday of October is Friend Day and I need a "stunt" to perform to help get folks motivated to invite their friends and make the day a little funner (is that a word?).

Some sugestions so far include;

Kissing a pig (some of you people worry me)
Eat a large bowl of vegatables (you know the stuff food eats)
Shave off my beard & mustache
Eat a two pound hamberger

What ideas do you have? I will do just about anything to be able to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with just one more person. In the past I have had pies thrown at me sang a solo, and lived for 30hrs on the roof of the church.

I need your ideas soon so we can get everything together Friend Day is just around the corner!

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